Océanide Inc. gave itself the mission to contribute to the understanding of oceanic (marine and aquatic) and atmospheric environment with the aim of allowing a better management of human activities. Our company would like to support, in its way, the efforts of a long list of individuals and organisations which participate in the conservation of the human inheritance. Environmental impact studies should be on top of the list of activities when we are to plan the great projects of our society.

Humankind, by the fast technological progress, acquired a power comparable and even higher than that of nature. Do we possess the wisdom and knowledge essential to a peaceful and constructive use of the forces of nature? According to Patrick Rivers, compared with other planets, our blue-green earth constitutes a unique shelter for life that we all too often take for granted. The conditions of which allow life are rare and organized in an almost miraculous way. It took nearly three billion years for life to reach the golden age that we now know; it could take merely a few moments for all to precipitate into nothing. Are we near that point of no return?

Being given the strong complexity of the oceanic and atmospheric environment, a great diversity of skills and resources are essential in order to realize various projects. Océanide Inc. has the expertise and the necessary experience to answer several of the questions raised by those projects having an impact on the oceanic and atmospheric environment, such as the design of harbour structures or the modeling of some oceanic or atmospheric processes. Physical and numeric modeling is some of the tools that Océanide Inc. and its employees use to provide information systems to its customers. In addition, we can provide real time monitoring (24/7) of oceanic (hydrological, tidal, etc…) and atmospheric parameters.

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